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Specialist Chiropody Services

Nail Surgery

Normally carried out under local anesthesia and a common treatment for ingrowing toenails. For persistent cases the side of the nail may be surgically removed, permanently preventing any recurrence in the future. This procedure is called partial nail avulsion.

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Verruca Treatment

Treatment varies depending on various factors, eg type, size, number, location, age of patient etc. At Orrell Chiropody Practice we offer three types of treatment:

  • Cryotherapy – use of liquid nitrogen (-196degrees centigrade) in a spray or probe application.
  • Caustic therapy - these are much stronger and effective than are available to you at the pharmacy. (Cryo and caustic therapies are often used in the same treatment plan and usually take 3 treatments/appointments)
  • Electrosurgery - performed under a local anaesthetic using the latest technology which can remove verrucae in one treatment.   

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Biomechanics and Gait Analysis

This is where problems with foot, leg and knee pains can be diagnosed and treated. These may be attributed to age, sporting activities, or genetics. Problems that fall into this category are flat feet (pes planus), plantarfaciitis, shin splints, postural malalinement, and sports activities.
The use of our treadmill highlights any gait abnormalities making an accurate diagnosis possible.

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Routine Treatments

These are things such as nail cutting, corn and callus removal, cracked heels, fungal skin and nails, excessively sweaty feet and most verrucae treatments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions we are most frequently asked by our clients.

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