Corn Removal, Callus Removal, Nail Cutting, Fungal Nails, Cracked Heels

corn and callus removal, nail cutting, foot and nail fungus treatments

Routine Treatments

General Chiropody / Podiatry

Nail Cutting
Nails are cut, filed, cleared and reduced (ground down to a normal thickness) as part of the basic treatment.

Patches of hard skin, callus, are common, and are removed painlessly as part of the basic appointment / treatment cost.

These are caused by pressure and/or friction. These are normally removed by our podiatrist as part of routine treatment, and so is treated as part of the basic appointment charge. These are usually removed (anucleated) painlessly with a scalpel blade. No local anaesthesia is required.
They will however return in time if the cause is still present. This may vary from weeks to months. Using the right treatments/therapies can prevent them from recurring, you will need to see the chiropodist / podiatrist to discuss this.

Soft Corns
These are corns which occur between the toes and can be very painful. By wearing special moulds made for you by our chiropodist / podiatrist, they can be eliminated permanently.

Home Visits (Domiciliary Visits)

For patients that are unable to attend the clinic, ie house bound or elderly patients, we can visit and treat you at home. This is dependant on your location, and is normally limited to certain days.
It is preferable to attend the surgery at your first appointment so that we can assess what is required in the future, and as we can offer a greater range of treatments here at Orrell Chiropody Practice.


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