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Biomechanical Assessment

Biomechanics And Gait Analysis

This is were your podiatrist assesses and analyzes the way your body functions during the gait cycle, (the way in which you walk). Abnormalities in the gait cycle can be the primary cause of many aches and pains, particularly in the sportsperson.
When we walk, run or stand our body has to adapt and compensate for the stresses and strains placed upon it. This can cause pain in the foot, knee and back joints, as well as muscular and tendon pains.
At Orrell Chiropody Practice the podiatrist will usually have the patient walk and/or run on our treadmill. (it is advisable to wear shorts or a short skirt, so the podiatrist can see your knees when walking).

Problems Identified By Gait Analysis

Leg length discrepancies
Shin splints
Postural problems
Poor performance

Correction By Orthoses

These are orthopedic appliances used to support, align, prevent or correct deformities or to improve function of moveable parts of the body. These fit into your shoes and are not visible externally.
They work by altering the forces placed on your freet during gait and dissipating or realigning them, protecting vunerable structures, and improving performance.

Here at Orrell Chiropody Practice we are equipped to make in-house our own bespoke orthoses, vacuum moulded to casts of your feet. These are precise and are tailor- made to your requirements. They can be altered and machined to fit most types of footwear (including football / rugby boots and running shoes.
We do not sell the types of arch supports that you will find in many retailers as we do not find them satisfactory.

Superb professional service. Steve managed to identify and correct the problems that were causing my bad back.